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532: Genuine imitation imitation rolex
Genuine imitation imitation rolex

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I don't know if there's a sudden huge demand in genuinely fake products, but I've been getting an influx of GENUINE IMITATION ROLEX spams lately. Man, who do you even complain to if you get ripped off? How do you even get ripped off buying fake goods? OH MAN I PAID FOR A FAKE ROLEX AND THEY SENT ME A REAL ONE. MOTHERFUCKERS! Anyway, I remembered to update the buzz vote incentive, sorta. And there's some stuff in the forum where I was going to draw people's faces when they posted them, but I got lazy. Lazier. Okay! Bizarre linkage time: Femdefence! FUCKING. OUCH.
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[11:12] <Beerman> <d27> Tasteless T-shirt of the week:
[11:12] <Beerman> <d27> Front-- Michael Jackson did not have sex with those kids.
[11:12] <Beerman> <d27> Back-- He made love to them.
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