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54: 'Elf pr0n' is more like it
'Elf pr0n' is more like it

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Another comic for the masses. The 'elf life' strip in question I have nothing personal against, really. On a completely unrelated note, vote for praet0rian's comic at 3 finger salute, as he has been trying to get to number 1 on the funny papers for a while, but elf pr0n manages to keep ahead by 100 or so, due to the the nakedness and all. Click here to support him on his noble quest.

A look back
At the time, Elf Life was seen as the dark force of The Funny Papers. It had been at number one for a long time, and praet0rian of 3fs had finally decided to stage an all out effort to become number 1. However, it's legions of fans who were all too ready to vote in order to cling to the top perch proved very hard to beat. Eventually we did become victorious, and a merry time was had by all. However, nobody could have foreseen the dark evil of Comics By Gaspirtz. His child-like demeanor, and unwillingness to admit any form of defeat soon garnered hatred among all in the web comic community (even the verable Tycho Brahe was slightly bothered by the humming of us web comic gnats, dropping by on the 3fs irc channel. Which I MISSED! ARRGGHH!!) You can read more on the newspost for that strip.

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<Meowfaceman> I hate Yatta. -_-;;
<Goonigoogoo> are you kidding? it's japanese men in their underwear with fig leaves on the front singing cheery songs!
<Goonigoogoo> where can you go wrong?
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