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541: The next stop is I HATE YOU
The next stop is I HATE YOU

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Gasp! wretched continuity! Alternate version of this strip was thanatos and duke standing around the train, and the voice goes "Next stop Leederville. Depart here if you are a blonde lying sack of crap", with the same punchline, only some blonde people in the crowd leaving the train. Only that would involve drawing a crowd, so screw it. Speaking of screw,


You heard me! Yo! Also screwy, the updated definition of Thanatos! Final paragraph: ""Thanatos" is the name of a character in the popular webcomic Bigger Than Cheeses". That is officially craxy. Yes, craxy. Speaking of craxy, I need to make a new flash vote banner. So, yeah. Leave some suggestions if you want to. Otherwise, check out the bizarre linkage: Horse's head pillow! Just the way you like it.

Thanks to Gabe (no, not that one) for pointing out the incorrect link to my own comic. Geez I suck.

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[18:56] <WeirdAl> My gf just phoned me because the key I wrote on her XP CD doesn't work.
[18:56] <WeirdAl> So I got her to read it out.
[18:56] <WeirdAl> I've reinstalled XP so many times that I know the key off by heart and knew which letter was wrong :-(
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