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542: In other news, Billybobgeorgebob is a son of a bitch
In other news, Billybobgeorgebob is a son of a bitch

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
This one needed more rewrites. Way more. Especially because I had to cut a whole bunch of dialogue to fit those last two panels in. Choice excerpts include "You're out of control, Ani. Last night you force strangled Corporal Jackson's pet rabbit", "Do you know what Biggs' father did on HIS birthday? He gave him a starspeeder. HIS father didn't CUT HIS HAND OFF" aaaand so forth. There's a new buzz vote incentive. You'll really like it if you're into...incentives. Yeah. Also, my usb watch arrived, so I can carry the stench of geekery around with me wherever I go. Yeehaw! Anyway, since the goobers in the irc channel are complaining about a lack of comic, here is your bizarre linkage: Life Size X-wing! Yours today!

Billy is still a son of a bitch

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Keir:Bot says: young padagaylord
Goonigoogoo says: and keir, the jedi master...bator
Goonigoogoo says: handjobs for 2 bucks a pop
Goonigoogoo says: that's what your shirt says
Keir:Bot says: lol
Keir:Bot says: "pop"
Keir:Bot says: once you pop, you just cant stop giving hand jobs
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