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543: Sistine chapel...OF EXPLOSIONS
Sistine chapel...OF EXPLOSIONS

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
This is actually all wrong, because his head is actually vaguely in proportion with his upper body, and actually mostly in correct perspective. It's actually really hard to draw like Liefeld, since I keep messing up and trying to make eyes line up, or only draw muscle groups that exist. Like, crotches, and knees. Also, it's a good thing that David isn't a woman, or you'd end up with something like this. Or better yet, side view! Thanks to the Forumopolisians whose bandwith I just hammered. If you vote at buzz, you'll see something new...tomorrow. And here's your bizarre linkage (if those previous ones weren't enough for you). Best eBay auction ever!
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[23:05] <DangerousCurves> well there's this startling correllation between emotional/mental immaturity and sexual expertise
[23:05] <celox> ...
[23:06] <celox> not going anywhere near that one
[23:06] <Ven|Zzz> AND YOU NEVER WILL
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