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545: And the shoes. Gimme the shoes
And the shoes. Gimme the shoes

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Robbing white folk is like injecting heroin, only instead of injecting it you use the needle, full of heroin, and you use it as a bong. A heroin bong, with LSD for the water. Ohhh yeah. Anyway, it looks like buzz came back up for one day, then went back down again like your mothe that thing that goes down a lot. Anyway, I spent yet another 9 hours at work today, so I'm gonna go do stuff that doesn't involve...things that are vaguely related to work. Bizarre linkage? How about the Descent kite! If the descent kite means nothing to you, you are most likely dead on the inside
Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[23:05] <Goonigoogoo> celox spends hours playing tomb raider and running lara into walls
[23:05] <Goonigoogoo> he doesn't even get past the first level
[23:05] <Goonigoogoo> or the first wall
[23:06] <oof> heh nice
[23:06] <Celox|sick-yo> dont judge me, im weak
[23:06] <Goonigoogoo> there's a video for this too, oof
[23:06] <oof> coo'
[23:06] <Celox|sick-yo> ... its the training level actually
[23:07] <Celox|sick-yo> seriously, when i was a kid my sister played it all the time
[23:07] <Celox|sick-yo> all i did was play the training level
[23:08] <Celox|sick-yo> and make her do handstands
Bigger Than Cheeses
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