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548: Also, no shaving cream
Also, no shaving cream

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Additional two panels, which would involve more drawing, which I can't be arsed doing: Thanatos proceeds to shave with the cutthroat and slice off half his face, then say something about how he should've been warned about this. Hilarious. Okay, it's almost bedtime and I can't move my knee without it either popping or hurting or both, so that's a sign it's time to go. Buzz looks like it's still down, so I'll probably stop linking it and its crappy service. And maybe remove the flash vote banner, since it's not gonna get updated any time soon. I'll also get around to leaving some more emails in Threeboy's inbox about the redesign. Or lack of redesigning. HINT HINT. Anyway, bizarre linkage inspired from a few comics back: SCIENCE AGAINST EVOLUTION! RRRR! Take THAT evolution! The best part is how the smartass three conditions upon which evolution "depends upon" in fact are either not dependant on evolution happening or entirely not understood.
1: Evolution is actually not a theory about the origins of life. That's an entirely different branch of science. It's called abiogenesis
2: Changes which have not been observed in a laboratory therefore could never have happened. Ignore the fact that there are millions of years worth of fossils instead. If it didn't happen in a LAB, it NEVER HAPPENED EVER.
3: This one needs a quote:
"Sadly, it is well known that living things can die. This has often been observed. It has NOT been scientifically demonstrated that a dead thing can come to life. Despite this, evolutionists believe that given enough time, something dead will come to life by some method or another."
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[10:54] <Beerman> women already have the monopoly on vaginas
[10:54] <Beerman> lesbianism is just greediness!
[10:54] <rune> heh
[10:54] <Hipnotoad> Beerman they dont control corpses, MUHAHA
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