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557: Massage Gear Solid
Massage Gear Solid

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
This probably could've used an extra panel or two of Sven escaping, but screw it. Thanks to neesharonis for giving Sven his name and Scott for making this strip, which I just grabbed some character designs from, since I never play stealth games. Especially when non-stealth ones can be so much fun! There's some new sightings, and apparently one of the btc strips got posted on 4chan, but I can't verify that since they've apparently gone down. Anyway, enjoy the bizarre linkage: six degrees of Ron Jeremy! Most likely NSFW!

Also, Chebbs is not pregnant

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<AllTheKBC> My friend once had a shitty interview. She fucked it up so many ways, it wasn't funny. By the end, the person interviewing her was very bored and monotoned. He asked her if she had any special talents, so she put her whole fist in her mouth. Three days later, she started as his secretary.
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