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559: Sooner than you'd like to admit
Sooner than you'd like to admit

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Today's newspost is all about INTENSITY! YEAH! INTENSE. Don't you see!? You gotta be INTENSE!! Like TOM FREAKIN CRUISE INTENSE. See how I threw a freakin' in the middle of his name to make it more INTENSE? And television today? Totally not intense enough. I sat through a whole episode of sesame street and NOBODY HAD TO COLLECT ANYTHING! I KNOW! What's the DEAL, television!? How am I supposed to know if something has enough INTENSITY if it doesn't have MANGA ACTION LINES! Or SWEATDROPS!? I mean, GEEZ, television! I want INTENSITY here, not the letter E! Where the freakin' hell am I gonna ever use the letter E!?



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[21:05] <Bakerboy> A few days back I downloaded a porn. It turned out to be the full version of some clips I downloaded years ago. I never thought porn would make me nostalgic
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