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564: I say this a lot, but really. Based on a true story
I say this a lot, but really. Based on a true story

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
This seriously happened. You can guess which one I picked. There is nothing quite as exciting as driving without being able to see through your windshield, let me tell you that. The driving with all the windows down didn't really help, considering it was foggy outside anyway, so I was importing the fog while trying to wipe the window clean with my sleeve at what I assume were red lights and the windscreen wipers nuts because I caught the switch on my sleeve. Also not helping: Avril Lavigne coming on the radio while I'm driving badly down the street in my now shitty pop spewing suicide mobile freezing my ears off. Ben, this is all somehow your fault. Bizarre linkage after my brushes with death? GGG-GMAIL
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[18:08] <Fenris_Wolf> I told one of my roomate's nephew today "If a stranger ever gives you candy, follow him because he probably has more."
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