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567: I'm going to jail for this one
I'm going to jail for this one

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
This comic took so long to put up because I had to stop every few seconds to go throw up the vomit of the disgusted because every word was like a dagger through the twisting knife in my brain meats. Also I prefer not to lace my comics with references to paedophilia because I very much enjoy not being thrown into jail. But really, who is to blame for this comic? The answer? Nightlord. With his insatiable lust for child pornography. He is to blame for every disgusting word of the ten page description of what he did on the O'Flaherty's property (names not changed to implicate the guilty) that I didn't put in the fourth panel. Okay, bizarre linkage time. Vampires seeking vampires!



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<Beerman> windows 98 is like that drunk uncle that thinks he knows everything and always tries to convince you he was a CIA operative, and when you argue, he gets violent and then passes out.
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