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60: Always let your conscience be your guide
Always let your conscience be your guide

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Happy 2002! And for the first comic of the new year....Jeebus it's a big one. You're in for a lot of scrolling. Uhh....that's pretty much it from me. I've changed the images in the cast section, and added a background image. The crosswinds mirror is completely down, and since I'm doomed to uploading (again) all 900+ files of my webpage (including the comic, which is a part of it) 25 files a time on dialup. I really can't be bothered anymore. Oh, and as an added change, now each comic page from *Hic*...MERRY NEW YEAR! has the background image like the rest. One more thing: Leave something in The Forum, people!

A look back
I really liked the back and forth between the two consciences. Maybe I shouldn't have killed them off. There was a really good dynamic going between the two. Like Bill Watterson says, a good back and forth conversation is much funnier than a sight gag. You don't know who Bill Watterson is? GET OUT! Anyone who doesn't instantly recognise the venerable creator of Calvin & Hobbes has no place among us.
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<DAEMON> marked by circumcision
<DAEMON> hm, that sounds like a Steven Segal movie
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