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605: Sloppy joes, extra sloppy
Sloppy joes, extra sloppy

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
This just in: Flash 8 is a gigantic memory whore. I was trying to make the last panel somewhat better looking, but it totally would not have any of that. 300mb of ram. Ricockulous. I may have to actually go back to Flash MX 2004 if it keeps this crap up. On the transcription front, cheesites Dan D and Scott have been going like maniacs, helping to bring us beyond 120 comics transcribed, with another 30 I've yet to go through! Crazy! Nothing new at buzz as of yet, but don't let that steer you away from voting. Cause there's still batboobs as the vote incentive. I will leave you all to it, see you next week gang. Bizarre linkage: iPorn! Even funnier is that this is technically true now that SuicideGirls is making content for the video iPods.
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[11:37] <Wray> Your girlfriend wanted a threesome so you broke up with her? Man I'm gay and I still want to kick your ass
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