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606: Natural escalation
Natural escalation

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
The original punchline was Thanatos grabbing a glass and ramming it into his head, then ending up at the doctor's. Instead, I realised a glass was no way to try and top a full keg, so obviously short of a refinery, the next step up in the destroying things with your forehead wars is a tanker truck full of beer. Not much to say newswise, except that Science has a new best pal, and his name is sqrrl101. Also, hippies love him. Keep up all the awesome voting at buzz, if you're so inclined, and maybe swing by the forum, if you're a swinger. Bizarre linkage: Myspace haircuts, of course!
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[20:09] <JRAway> "Okay, kids, here's what we're going to do. you're going to see santa, and I'm going to be a total raging cunt for about an hour"
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