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618: FAPPO

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Holy poly I've been doing this for FIVE YEARS now! Actually five years, and not like that fake five years on friday. With its lies and treachery. This may not seem like much of an update, but if you check the extras page, you'll see a brand new wallpaper! Or you can get the 1024x768 version right here! HOORAY. It's crazy to think there are now about 5-6000 more of you than there were this time last year, but awesome thanks go to my guys and hobo pals. I'm too tired and manly to get emotional, so instead I'm just gonna wrap this up with some bizarre linkage: HELLBOY! PLAYMOBIL HELLBOY! Thanks for sticking round, cheesites!
Bigger Than Cheeses

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[20:30] <Lance> she died in a blaze of PG-13 violence
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