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62: If I want your damn advice, I'll ask for it
If I want your damn advice, I'll ask for it

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Come on now people, The Forum is there for a reason. And you don't need to sign up to post anything. Really. Anyway, today's lemon scented comic comes courtesy of me, inspired by all those idiots who insist on using worn out phrases instead of brain power as 'inspiration'. Listen, if life gave me lemons, I'll bloody well throw them at someone before I make lemonade. Like the comic says, if I want your damn advice, I'll ask for it. And if you insist on saying anything remotely lemon related, I'll hit you so hard you'll go into another DIMENSION. Oh, I've updated the Update Log, so that each news post links to its relevant comic. I don't know why I didn't do this before, but thankfully I thought of it before I had to wade through a few dozen news entries. Well, enough ranting from me, why don't you check out the wonderful College University series at when you're done? They're funny and some feature Optimus Prime, as well as a stoned ninja. You can't get quality like that on TV anymore.
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