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621: usa! USA!! YOU ESS AY!!!!!!
usa! USA!! YOU ESS AY!!!!!!

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
In case you haven't read Preacher, I've just saved you like a few days worth of reading. Basically, if you're not American, some bad shit is going to happen to you in the course of the comic. And if nothing happens, Jesse Custer will do some bad shit to you. Also, if you're not American ENOUGH he'll do the same. Cause it's AMERICA!! WOOOO AMURRICCUUUHHH!!!! CAN I GET A HELL YEAH!!! HELL YEAAAAAHHHH!!! Also, every third comic or so there'll be a big monologue about how awesome America is, and I'm pretty sure if you buy the trades the pages all fold out into big flags or something. I could have possibly made that last bit up. Anyway, if people seem to like Summary Theater, I'll do one for Sandman. And if you don't I'll do one anyway so nyah. Here's your bizarre linkage: iGoatse, the new skin for your iPod!
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[23:46] <MangoFlush> Meeting Man action figure with his trusty sidekick TIME BOY
[23:46] <MangoFlush> Allowing no time to be spared for Meeting Man's meetings
[23:47] <AllTheAwesome> you guys need to get laid
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