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622: You don't want to know what the goat's for
You don't want to know what the goat's for

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
As promised, here is a summary of the much talked about Neil Gaiman classic, Sandman. The final panel was supposed to be a much larger harem of goth girls, but it turns out I can't plan panels very well, so I threw in a goat. There's some new art, something for the awesome people at Platinum Grit. You should read it. Speaking of stuff you should read, my man Ray has got his stuff all up in heres. So click that there. Also, the author from a webcomic I linked a while ago, Green Porn has recently come back into the game after suffering a stroke, so here's his latest, Tales of Fucktasia. Enjoy. There's some goings on in the forum, whereby some people are putting together recipes. Demonic recipes, for Satan. Or something along those lines. Anyway, bizarre linkage: Remember Napster girl? Okay, even if you don't, that site should bring you up to speed. Well how's this for advertising - selling panties on ebay! You go, Napster. Notch up the ass. Class. Yes, class.

PS: CAPTION COMPETITION!! Join in, if you wanna take part in Gewd Guys history, or if you're just a caption loving maniac

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[07:22] <Cha> real men choose to wait (until the rohypnol kicks in)
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