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629: OS seX
OS seX

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I'm sure I had a point when I began making this. A point besides copy pasting as many times as I thought I could get away with. Also I am almost entirely certain that macs actually do this when there's something wrong, since the ones I used to use did it a whole bunch of times whenever I had to actually try and do anything with them. Anyway, the alternate ending for this was just having the computer working and there was some fish on it. But why settle for fish jokes when you can make sloppy blowjob jokes? Ha ha, that sure hits the spot. Anyway, I've finally update the changes file(s) and uploaded some overdue reader art from cheesites Rob and Erynn, plus a stray btclib. Anyway, as always, there is some bizarre linkage - LOOK AT ME BEING SERIOUS. WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR THIS AIR
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[14:19] <Kyee> i've found ten cents
[14:19] <Slack> yay!
[14:20] <Kyee> now, i need another 70
[14:21] <Stereo> and then you can afford jase's mom
[14:21] <Slack> i thought she was discounted
[14:21] <Stereo> she's usually $1
[14:26] <Jase> That hurts, stereo :(
[14:26] <Slack> lol
[14:27] <Stereo> why, did she charge you $2?
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