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637: Doctorin' the TARDIS
Doctorin' the TARDIS

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Pentuple Update!
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I was actually going to do all these on Saturday and make this a sextacular update, which I haven't done since 2002 apparently, but they took too long. And anyway, now you also get to look at this ytmnd inspired thingy. Inspired meaning I took the source code. Also, it doesn't seem to work in Internet Explorer for me, and I have no idea why because it's just a straight source code copy with all the tracking and vote stuff taken out. Anyway, use firefox. And this, I think. I got a couple of emails when 623 went up that some people had done it before, so bizarre linkage is almost exactly that. Menjoy

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[19:56] <Patrick`> I'd let will wright pee on me if it made spore ship faster
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