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638: Not shown: high heels
Not shown: high heels

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Pretty girls know that pouting gets them basically anything they want. Hint of a tear? Even more want getting. I'm convinced that there are women who have gotten off from murder trials with a well placed look towards the jury and a single sniffle. I was going to draw a tiny plastic table and kids chair set to go along with the teacups in the last panel, only it turns out that Sancho eats up a whole lot of panel real estate. Which is the reason I've been leaving him out for so long. Go figure. The solution to getting clothes as gifts is to act real happy to get them, then when the gifter is gone, burn the clothes. If you ever see the gifter again and they ask about the clothes, just say they're in the wash! Cause you just wear them so much! Hah hah! Thanks heaps. If you're in the unfortunate position of meeting them regularly and they keep bringing it up, the only logical conclusion is to kill them, then move to Hawaii under an assumed identity. As a private detective. Anyway, bizarre linkage: The Monkey Chow Diaries. Can a human survive on nutritious monkey food for an entire week? This man is going to find out, by gum.
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[19:45] <Trebor> My cat used to throw up too. We fed it stuff to see what it would look like
[19:45] <Trebor> Then it started throwing up in my bed.
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