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64: I scream, you scream...
I scream, you scream...

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Double Update
See the other strip
Double update! Okay, the first (semi-preachy) strip came from two ideas crashing into one another head on in a gory collision with only a single survivor, the end product. Well, after THAT rather bad analogy (or was it a metaphor? I can't remember which is which), on with explaination. The idea of a murderous product being sold on a shopping channel comes from Funk Machine, aka Daniel, my friend who left a couple (okay, ****loads) of suggestions in The Forum. Leave some of your own if you want to. And if the cat in a striped shirt wearing a bow tie looks familiar, it's from Penny Arcade, since I couldn't find a test pattern to fit in that panel space. The whole paedophile topic came from a conversation I had with fracknshat on #3fs, at Head on over there, it's good. Really. Just don't anger Hipnotoad or Neurocist. They'll kill you and eat you without blinking an eyelid. Trust me. Anyway, he had come across a child porn site which had found some loophole in the American law which made it not illegal for them to peddle their disgusting wares. I'm not going to link to the site for obvious reasons, but needless to say, these people should try out the Justice-o-matic 6000. Just picture those corpses as the people who run that filth. It makes it slightly better, but not as much better as it would be if they were all behind bars. Sorry, blinding anger is distracting. Where was I? Ah that's right. Paedophiles=scum. Nice and easy to remember I don't care what you say, child pornography is wrong wrong WRONG. Anyway, the SECOND comic is a nice lighthearted one in order to take your minds off the disgusting subject of the first comic. Okay, Leave a message in The Forum with your comments

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That middle panel action effect is way too good for me of two years ago. I smell a rat

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<Donitz> The Germans are doing everything with their checkbooks instead of bombs now
<Boarder|AWAY> But that's why pencils have erasers!
<I-LG|||Nazke|du> That's why germans use pens. =P
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