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646: Those kicks were fast as lightning
Those kicks were fast as lightning

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
As some of you may well know, sometimes the comics are in fact based on my real life experiences, so before you ask, yes I am doing kung fu and yes I am in fact a super saiyan. Anyway, I spent like nine hours playing God of War on PS2 today and my hands are almost completely numb. Also: jumping puzzles suck. I'm sure they were totally entertaining twenty years ago while playing Pitfall on the Atari 2600, but I really don't see anyone going "OH BOY, MORE INSTANT DEATH TIME DEPENDENT JUMPING PUZZLES!". Jumping puzzles aside, God of War is an awesome game and you should pick it up if you enjoy the ol' hack 'n slash. Plus since it's so gory anyway they threw in some boobs to really earn that M rating. Here's the most delicious bizarre linkage you're ever likely to see: MEAT CAKE! MMMEEEEAT CAAAAAAKEEE!!! Yes, meat cake. Your brain goes "hm, that looks like it would taste sweet" at first, and then your tongue goes "RRARRR MEAT AND MASHED POTATOES YUM". That's the scientific term for it.
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)

[15:05] <Modred> packing fucking sucks!
[15:05] <Fenris_Wolf> Fudge packing?
[15:05] <Modred> no
[15:05] <Fenris_Wolf> Sorry, had to
[15:05] <Modred> the regular kind of packing
[15:05] <Fenris_Wolf> Oh, so you like fudge packing?
[15:05] <Modred> i wouldnt know
[15:06] <Fenris_Wolf> Beer can fill you in.
[15:06] <Modred> im good
[15:06] <Fenris_Wolf> Packing for what then?
[15:06] <Modred> moving tomorrow
[15:07] <Fenris_Wolf> If you move tomorrow, then it will always be today!
[15:08] <Modred> ...
[15:08] <Modred> that was lame
[15:08] <Modred> and i hate you for it
[15:09] <Fenris_Wolf> And people wonder why I dont do funny comics anymore
[15:10] <Beerman> no we don't

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