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654: Fresh salmon also works
Fresh salmon also works

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
A shocking glimpse into the world of character development! Or something. Before you ask, yes that bear is wearing lipstick. There was an alternate alternate alternate punchline, but that would have meant redrawing the entire comic as it was a guy catching a woman in a net, then calling his girlfriend to see what was going on with his bear catching technique, and a bear picks up the phone. But bears can't answer phones! THAT'S JUST SILLY. Alright, that's about all I can think of for now, here's your bizarre linkage: Infinite Crisis in 30 seconds! You just saved yourself like 400 bucks in buying comics from DC.
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[12:27] <VenMalakim> don't forget Speedy Gomez
[12:27] <VenMalakim> and his brother, Regular Gonzales
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