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663: Double the copyright infringement
Double the copyright infringement

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
So far, Disney have been pretty good about not suing me, so I'll take another crack at it, and maybe involve the Beatles. Why not. This way I can exploit TWO of your childhood memories, thus drawing in the nostalgia crowd. It's foolproof. There's some new reader art, courtesy of Ulfednar. My main movie man Tom has had an unfortunate turn of events due to louts intent on hating america. You can however help out by buying some of his lovely books and shirts, which I'm told contain the pure distilled essence of hugs. It's possible Tom was lying to me about the hugs thing, in which case I would lose my faith in Christmas entirely. Also a heads up that in two weeks time (Saturday the 2nd of December) I'll probably be missing an update, due to travelling interstate and being away from computers and the internet. I've got some old capacitors and circuit boards which I can crush up and snort to get my electronics fix while I'm away, but they won't be enough to produce a comic with. Apparently gay Superman/Batman slash fans are flocking to the site, because we've had a few thousand extra visitors the past week, which leads me to theorise the next logical ratings draw would be an anime furry version of the same thing. Stay tuned, true believers. Still no sign of the ROCK! shirt, because 99dogs are shitty useless wankers who can't find the time to read and approve a shirt design within a two week period (and counting). Also their store management console is needlessly slow and unweildy, plus their email support is nonexistant seeing as I'm still waiting for a reply to an email I sent to them two years ago. If you're looking for an alternative to Cafepress, I wholeheartedly do not endorse 99dogs and their crappy service. If you've made it this far through the newspost, enjoy some bizarre linkage: Smells like teen spirit (Ukulele). Yeah. Ukulele.
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[17:17] <spj_COPStime> that reminds me of last night when i took alex downstairs to my mom. she was like "nana's my NIGGA! and you're her homegirl"
[17:17] <spj_COPStime> and i was like "oh alex"
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