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671: Elmo poop and vomit sold seperately
Elmo poop and vomit sold seperately

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Happy new year, cheesites! I'm ringing in the new year with a reminder of what makes BTC what it is. Namely, poo and vomit jokes. Yeah. Savour it. SAVOUR IT I SAY! THAT DOESN'T SOUND LIKE SAVOURING! In case you somehow missed Tickle Me Elmo XTREME in action, here he is in all his Youtube glory. You can see how this comic was the next logical step. You know, if you enjoy ruining childhoods as much as I do. Astute readers will notice the dribble trail of vomit running down the side of Elmo's mouth, all over Thanatos' finger and Elmo's own hands. Now that shows I care about vomit. And explosive laughter induced diarrhea. Alright, I'm getting kinda tired, so here's your bizarre linkage, the only reason you'll ever need to purchase Sonic for the Xbox 360: batshit insane load times. Yes, you'll see the video is over ten minutes long. Enjoy!
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[11:16] <J-Dawg> How is everyone? I got pissed off at World of Warcraft and decided to come see some old friends.
[11:17] <Jenny> MMO games always let you down
[11:17] <Jenny> friends are better
[11:18] <J-Dawg> I dunno, in this MMO I can kill my friends.
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