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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Biting, edge of your seat commentary! And timely, too. I think I've actually had this written down on my big list of comics that I should draw for like 3 years now. It would've been, like, actually put online during 2005 when Episode 3 was still vaguely relevant except I lost the piece of paper with this idea on it until last week. Anyway, robots panic sweating will never get old. Man, those things don't even have pores! What was I THINKING!? Ah nobody will notice. Seriously though, what kind of lame-ass death is "will to live"? Why not just call it convenient plot device? If the doctor looking after your family members came up and said even though they were totally healthy they were dying from lack of a will to live, you would sue the balls off them. Inject something into them! I don't care! Get them hooked onto meth or something, that'll keep the bastards going. Anyway. Time for some Star Wars themed bizarre linkage: A New Sith, or Revenge of the Hope. Enjoy, nerds!
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[07:43] <Greyfox|rockyiii> Oh, I know how to pleasure a woman.
[07:43] <Greyfox|rockyiii> I just need a woman to pleasure.
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