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680: Energon Boogaloo
Energon Boogaloo

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Okay, that last panel was going to have a whole lot more transformers until I realised how late it was and also how lazy I am. So just pretend that there's an awesome rocking crowd going on. Yeah. Also, pretend Optimus is all dressed up like this in the background. While you're here anyway, it looks like our pal Fenris has finally released his new endeavor, 10:47 Productions. So go read that if you don't hate freedom. And democracy. I'm sure there was more to say, but nothing's coming to mind. Here's your bizarre linkage: hungry for a month! Mmm. Ramen


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[17:13] <spj_COPStime> i'm sorry
[17:13] <spj_COPStime> it just came on me
[17:13] <spj_COPStime> err
[17:13] <spj_COPStime> to me
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