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682: Batman's weakness: guns
Batman's weakness: guns

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
So apparently I'm only making Batman comics now. Which works for me, because Alfred pulling a gun on a teddy bear? Hilarious. A++ Would buy again. There were some additional panels originally in mind, in which Bats snatches the teddy bear and Alfred shoots him, or perhaps he dives in front of the gun and takes a bullet for the bear, but that's a bit hard considering it's right up against his head, and the last panel seems to work on its own. In next week's update related news, there may be no update on the 31st, as I'll be switching ISPs and they apparently have to disconnect me for 10 working days while they change internet tubes. I'll see what I can do to get a comic up, but just some advanced warning. You can read No Pink Ponies in the meantime, which is totally bitchin. I recently traipsed through the archives and they were delightful. However there was a voice in my head going OH GOD I'M READING A SHOJO MANGA, but you should totally ignore that, as Eisu is from Malaysia which I am told is totally not Japan. Also, I am totally going to do a BTC Year 6 wallpaper at some stage, just you wait. We'll see who laughs last. Bizarre linkage? Why, you'd be after some Japanese inventions, of course! See you later, space cowboys and girls
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<GreyTravel> i was just scratchin my nuts and my friend's phone went off
<GreyTravel> for one beautiful second, i thought i had magic testicles
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