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So long, and thanks for all the fish
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WOOOO! When's the last time you saw one of THESE? I am declaring this to be Arnie April, even though Arnie April is nearly over I can still totally declare this last week that thing I just said. For those of you who have yet to see the cinematic masterpiece that is Kindergarten Cop, it involves Arnie yelling at little kids. A lot. The ever increasing hilarity of these comics depends on your ability to hear Arnie's yelling voice in your head or your ability to imitate his...unique grasp of the english language. So if you can't appreciate them, find a friend who will read them out to you in their best Ah-nuhld voice. I've done my best at spelling it phonetically without making the word unrecognisable. It would appear that Li'l Arnie goes to the same school as Little Vin Diesel, judging by the uniforms. Well, time for some bizarre linkage: A BMI study of the Marvel universe! People with too much time on their hands? Quite possibly.

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<Beerman> man
<Beerman> if I ever met superman
<Beerman> I'd totally ask him if I could shoot him in the head a bit
<Beerman> please? just once?
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