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696: Batman: Year WONDERFUL
Batman: Year WONDERFUL

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
We're back in business! A few things that should be run through, I suppose. The 4-5 day downtime was due to our Gewd Guys hosting finally dying and leaving me short of cash until the next payday to buy some hosting. The reason I didn't have a comic ready to go once the site went live like I normally do when my internet drops out for whatever reason is that I'd kicked off this thread over at SA (which I highly recommend you read, if you have a forums account, because it's awesome), which is also why the comic is up a tad late tonight, due to the 12 hours of drawing I've done today. And also, this comic is a reference to Frank Miller's Batman: Year One. The final panel was originally going to be Ballerina Bruce asking Superman "What's so funny", with Supes going "You'll never know", but I liked the simplicity of the current final panel. Also it's hard to convey implied time travel in three words. Anyway, I am balls tired, so here's some bizarre linkage: Wonder Woman and the Phallic Menace!
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