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698: Comfier than a glass elevator
Comfier than a glass elevator

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I wish I could take credit for this one, but in actuality it's the legendary Mike Nelson's gag. Yes, Michael J Nelson. With his new sexy Rifftrax stormin' the beaches of comedy. The panels are a rough layout of what was in my head, but I wasn't able to make it come out quite right, also I can't draw Gene Wilder at midnight after spending all day at a training seminar, so you get some sort of reject mad hatter. Which also works I guess. In case you had some sort of deprived childhood, here is where you can listen to Gene freak out an entire generation of movie going kids. Awesome. Not quite bizarre linkage, but still a fun read: worst burn ever. Now, onto the REAL bizarre linkage: terrorising people with your crappy old van! NOW WITH PICTURES.
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[09:02] <silentpyjamas> i think we have been teaching alex the wrong things
[09:02] <silentpyjamas> she said "i'm hungry" so i said "would you like some yogurt?"
[09:03] <silentpyjamas> and she said "yeah, my nigga"
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