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So long, and thanks for all the fish
HA HA! Weren't expecting stupid comics to be back so soon, were you? Well KC MOTHA FUNKIN' GREEN brought them back with a vengence. A buttload of vengeance. Apologies to all the people I may have offended with this comic, including gays, Michael Bay, transgendered women, the handicapable and the Irish. Yeah you know who you are. Shamus. More titles I thought of but couldn't really think of accompanying comics to go with/could be bothered drawing out/may use later:
  • The gay after tomorrow
  • Die another gay
  • The gay the earth stood still
  • Groundhog gay
  • Night and gay
  • Happy gays
  • The 6th gay
  • etcetera
  • Okay, I'm gonna go do other things now, so how about some bizarre linkage: UNsafe search. Take THAT, morality police.
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    <silentpyjamas> heeehheeeh. once my sister's former best friend was having a baby and she couldn't think of a name. we walked past a coke machine and i said "how about dasani?" how was i to know she'd totally take my advice? i'm responsible for a kid being named after a coke product
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