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716: Also; cursing god
Also; cursing god

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Yes I am aware I used the phrase "own blood" twice in a row, but that's because it's all I've been tasting for the past two days since I got another wisdom tooth out. I'd managed to put it off for quite a while but this one had decided to push its way through my gums which kinda left me no choice. YAAAYYY!!!! Also it was sortof coming in at an angle, pushing against my molar, which meant the dentist had to slice a fairly large hole open and crack it apart before prying it from my jawbone! And let me tell you, there's nothing quite as fun as waking up trying to scream but instead making this horrible gurgling noise because your mouth is too full of blood and mucous. Mmm. 'Nam flashback. Anyway, early comic because I can't do anything else while my cheek is swollen up like a golf ball. That and maybe hating on proponents of intelligent design. WHAT KIND OF INTELLIGENT DESIGNER TRIES TO CRAM IN EXTRA TEETH THAT WON'T FIT INTO YOUR MOUTH!? HUH? JERKS. At least this time I got some friggin prescription drugs. Bizarre linkage: Marry our daughter. Dot com Bonus laffs: That url sorta looks like marry your daughter dot com. I'm gonna go rinse my mouth out again. Wheeee!
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[17:30] <Pants> no goon ? :S
[17:30] <Pants> i'm so fucking horny
[17:30] <Pants> you know what .. those two lines were not supposed to seem linked
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