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717: Wabsnerk

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
OH HO! Some feathers will no doubt be ruffled by THIS one! Self proclaimed experts all around will slam finger after clammy finger into their keyboards to update their blogs and forums decrying this comic as some sort of outlash against something or *gasp* someone. Maybe it's some sort of poorly executed REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY! Oh PLEASE blast my stupid comic in your blog so I can get some more readers! I need to see those numbers on my hit counter go up in order to validate my worth as a human being mister reviewer man. Seriously though, what the hell is everyone doing? Yes, webcomics are stupid. I get it. I make one and I'm fully aware how dumb it is. But you know what's dumber about making comics for the intertron to read? Angrily writing about comics on the internet. And not just short little outbursts. Pages upon pages of it spewing like vomit from that fat guy in that Monty Python movie which wasn't as good as the other ones but you still memorised because you can't let anyone else one-up you on your Python knowledge. Get over it. If free comics get you that riled up, you're going to have a friggin anneurism when you look through keenspace or comic genecyst or whatever they're calling it now. Maybe you get upset when you visit a primary school. Those STUPID KIDS! You call that art!? That's horse shit, little Sally. FUCK YOU. I hate your drawing, and now I hate you. I wish your parents had an ABORTION because my hatred of you is so deep it extends through TIME. Anyway, This is the mental picture I get every time I see another self proclaimed webcomic expert pop up like another mushroom in the manure pile of webcomics. Just don't look at it. Read a book. Take a deep breath and go outside and let the sun slowly drive you insane with its goddamn incessant shining. How DARE it provide ultraviolet radation!! And those STUPID CLOUDS EVERYWHERE. They're BLOCKING THE FRIGGIN SUN RHRGHGH. How are you supposed to get vitamin D NOW!? FUCKING TREES I HATE YOU SO MUCH. I HATE YOU WITH THE FIERY HATRED OF A MILLION EXPLODING GALAXIES. There. See how stupid that was? Cut it out. In conclusion, webcomics are dumb, stop talking about them. This is also dumb, so it's your bizarre linkage. Go outside and PUNCH A DOG IN THE FACE. I HATE DOGS AND ANIMALS AND EVERYTHING
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