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725: He was gonna ask if this was a knife
He was gonna ask if this was a knife

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Before I forget to tell you guys, I'll be in Americaland from the middle of December till the middle of January, which means I totally won't be updating. At all. This doesn't mean send in guest strips because I'll be too busy buying authentic American burgers, guns and watered down beer to work out how to ftp things. Where will I be? It's a surprise. That way you won't expect it when I spring up behind you and shoot you with hamburgers. Hamburgers shaped like bullets. I also managed to pick up one of these babies recently, due to Apple's relentless marketing machine making me feel bad about my 1st gen nano. It doesn't require iTunes to load content onto (WOOOOOOOOO. No, seriously. WOOOOOOOOO), plays an assload more formats, including RMVB, AAAAND can emulate all my favourite games on a variety of platforms. All for less then half the price of an iPod Touch. China KICKS ASS. Anyway, here's some bizarre linkage, as per our implied agreement: Automatic complaint letter generator! Handy.
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[06:55] <Trish> i like how the bible points out things like "Don't have sex with animals" and "Don't eat bugs". God does not give us much credit
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