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726: No beans involved
No beans involved

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Last panel probably needs more work, but it's almost midnight and I've got work tomorrow and they pay me more than you guys do so nyah. Seriously though, boost juices are like $5.75 for a large (or "original") as they say, which is like 1/3 ice. If you go to the markets and buy $5.75 worth of fruit you can make like four litres of smoothies. And because you don't have any straws available, why not just pour them into giant mugs and start chugging those delicious smoothies down until you can't do anything except lie on the couch and maybe wish you were dead. Mmm. Anyway, I advocated this beauty last week, which I still totally recommend, but due to Yahoo's incompetence the entire empire was shut down and they stole their domain name to boot. Raz has resurrected it at, with all sorts of awesome coupons available in the forum. So if you're shopping around for cheapy music/video/sometimes game players, go to mp4nation, or you're a terrible human being. You heard it from me first. Bizarre linkage for this week: Snot girls! Note that this is actually a porn site, which you shouldn't be loading up at work. But c'mon. Snot girls. What the hell.
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
<LukeV1_5> You should take up cricket, speej
<ElectricSheep> crushes are fleeting.
<LukeV1_5> But cricket is forever
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