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727: You've always wanted to do this. Don't lie
You've always wanted to do this. Don't lie

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
LATE! Yesterday I got caught up in real life things which were far more important than, say, free intertube comics for freeloaders. Free. Ahem. Anyway, I present this masterpiece in its place. Don't pretend like you wouldn't youtube the hell out of this, because I know what you guys like. It's all 90s or 80s nostalgia, slightly repackaged so that you can forward it onto all your other slightly below middle aged friends while going "HEY DON'T YOU REMEMBER THIS THING WE USED TO DO? HA HA MARIO THEME IN A SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT FORMAT". Also maybe send an email to the guy three cubicles down because you can't be arsed standing up to actually talk to the guy because it would waste valuable internet surfing time. Anyway. New comic. Second to last one before I disappear overseas for a month. Enjoy!! Bizarre linkage is totally delicious, for xmastime: Turducken! MMMMMMM. Heart attacks.
Bigger Than Cheeses

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[20:41] <Beermon> oh crap! I only meant to shake his hand! I SHATTERED HIS SKULL and THREW HIM THREW A WALL!
Bigger Than Cheeses
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