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771: Black to the blackture
Black to the blackture

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
The comic is end...lessly amusing! OH HO! GOT YOU! Seriously though, I was about 3/4 through drawing when I realised that Scott had already done a Back to the Future strip for this month's update (UPDATE MORE OFTEN SCOTT), but the inertia was too great for me to come up with something new before I went to bed. I feel that my version gets extra points because it features me murdering myself three times, and also getting to the punchline in less panels so you don't have to scroll as much. See? I'm doing you guys a public service so you don't wear out your mouse wheels. Also I spent the afternoon doodling this instead of being funny, so enjoy that. All over your faces. I'm too lazy to read the previous newspost to see if I've mentioned this before, but I've purchased a shiny new MP4 player from (not .com anymore), which you can ogle at here. 16GB of movie playing badassery, all for half the price of an ipod touch and with stacks more formats supported (AND NO CONVERTING WOOOO). Anyway, I'm off for yet another week into the great unknown so enjoy the bizarre linkage: Computer in a bottle! Now it can go with all the scotch I've spilled in this compu
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[14:37] <Warskull> if you had the portal gun and could go down on yourself, would you do it?
[14:37] <PinkieOfDoom> yes. a hundred times yes.
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