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773: Not shown: giant space fetus
Not shown: giant space fetus

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Oh hey, a comic. I totally missed last week because my cat died and also I didn't feel like making comics last week. The two events are possibly connected, only science can tell. Much like how the William Tell Overture has become permanently tied to the Lone Ranger, humming, singing or DAAA DAAAAAA DUNN-DUNNNNNing the crescendo of Thus Spake Zarathusa should trigger your base memory of The 2001: A Space Odyssey credits. Also the monkey is obviously a reference to the dawn of man sequence at the beginning (skip to about 5:30 in if you're in a hurry). As usual, it's late and I'm tired so here's your bizarre linkage: programming language inventor or serial killer? As far as they know anyway

Almost forgot, I promised cheesite Sam that I'd pimp his site out: 3 Style Freestyle BMX. From what I hear they're pretty good, and also they may or may not have fire breath. You know, just saying.

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[13:36] * MrBarman takes off his pants and prances down the street
[13:37] * Circe takes pictures
[13:37] * Acelister auctions the pictures to drunken child-porn addicts
[13:38] * Beerman enjoys his new photos
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