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774: Mutant healing factor was harder to draw
Mutant healing factor was harder to draw

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
HOWDY TRUE BELIEVERS. Or should that be, true bel-cheese-ers? OH HO! He is witty, like man on television! Okay, I was totally going to update on time except the majority of my weekend was taken up with wedding type stuff. Not mine, but still wedding type stuff. Also packing for my awesome TWO WEEK HOLIDAY in which I WILL NOT BE MAKING COMICS, so in a way, I'm doing you all a public service by getting you all used to it. See how good I am to you? Anyway, I'll be seeing y'alls after November mostly because I'll be braving the barren and hostile lands known collectively as "Sydney" and "Melbourne", famed for their lack of internet connectivity and deadly ladies in bikinis on beaches. Do not cry for me, for I may already be dead. IRC cheesite Sqrrl101 presents the following bizarre linkage: Spammers helping AI developers TO GET BIGGER PENISES AMIRITE? Ah, I kill me. Seriously though, hot girls in swimsuits
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[18:45] <MrBarman> wow, the plot keywords on imdb for Doctor Dolittle 2 makes for disturbing reading
[18:45] <MrBarman> "Talking to Animals, Urination, Male Female Relationship, Sequel, Bear"
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