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775: I was gonna say DS Wii Fit but it turns out they're actually making it
I was gonna say DS Wii Fit but it turns out they're actually making it

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
I'M BACK. And so far two weeks of holiday have provided me this insight: the DS is way too addictive. I chewed up most of today playing Phantom Hourglass instead of thinking of comic ideas. Which is coincentally what I did during my holiday when not enjoying the sights and all that other junk. So, good work nintendo or something. I guess you get a sticker. This is a pretty obvious comic so I don't need to explain the joke, except to say that I'm totally going overseas at the end of November so expect another twoish weeks without comics! It's like an early Christmas, where I'll probably slack off again and not update. Bizarre linkage: more Wikinsanity, in my ongoing vendetta against the Wiki-lords. See you next week! Possibly!
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[22:05] <Zowned> also is it sad that when i type the letter "i" into my adress bar firefox assume i want to look at lolcats?
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