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776: Payment is in vore dollars
Payment is in vore dollars

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Drinking game! Take a trawl through comic genesis (formerly keenspace) some time and take a swig whenever you find:
  • Obligatory author self insertion character
  • Catgirl/foxgirl/robotgirl/whatever
  • Weird fetish
  • Lame video game joke
  • All of the above
  • All of the above, in the first strip
  • Guaranteed trip to the emergency room. Bonus points for when these strips go out on their own and then beg for donations so that you can continue to pay for the author's creepy anime rape dvds! Anyway, it's late and my anime rape dvds aren't going to watch themselves. Bizarre linkage which I've probably already used but fits for this strip: Car stuck girls (NSFW? I guess?), one of the many awesome things people get aroused by. See you next week, if you don't get arrested for clicking on all the links in this newspost.

    Oh, and I promised a shoutout to d-gradeBoys, so, uh, here you go.

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    [19:11] * CuteSplosion Quit (Quit: A priest a rabbi and a shaman walk into a bar, except there's no rabbi and no shaman and it's actually my 8th birthday and the priest is molesting me)
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