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785: Let's all go waterboardin'
Let's all go waterboardin'

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
COMIC! I had planned a series of multiple comics in a row, but they turned out to be harder to draw than expected and also I started late so you get these instead. They'll totally be up next week or I'll stab a dog. Speaking of dog stabbings, so far there have been some totally cool cheesites who have purchased high quality BTC merchandise but a larger number of not cool dudes and dudettes and dudes who secretly dress up like dudettes when no dudes are looking have not purchased anything which, according to my sources, is a TERRORIST HATE CRIME. SOOOOO if you're not a TERRORIST HATE CRIMEr, then you'd better BUY SOME MOTHERTRUCKIN' SHURTS. Okay, I'm all caps locked and italicsed out. Here's your bizarre linkage: "I can read" movies. Don't quite get it? Check out the link for some covers so classy your monocle will pop out of your eye socket and into your tea, splashing scalding hot water all over your brand new cravette, you idiot. As a bonus, there's also video game versions, cooked up by the SA goons which you can view thusly if you have a forum account. Or just wait until it eventually shows up on the front page, because it's so good it blows Flash Tub out of the water. Sorry Shmorky.
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[19:16] <helixxo> i like how cpr training seems to have changed from when i was taught in elementary school "try not to break their ribs" to what i was recently taught by multiple people "you will definitely break some ribs"
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