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801: Ingenuity through adversity
Ingenuity through adversity

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
News! Underneath your comics! A revolutionary idea indeed. Seeing as it's all 800 STRIPS Y'ALL, I've decided to try and do something different with the art to see how it turns out. Also although most strips are semi-autobiographical, I did not actually go out and purchase an iPhone. Instead my computer downloads boobs for me every 5 minutes. So there. As a followon to the last newspost, I've slapped together the first batch of character cards for the proposed BTC card game which is available for perusal and dissemination thusly. I will be getting the next round of thingies together this week hopefully and then start on the first sketches for all of these. Annnnyway, bizarre linkage for you is: Superwideman aka the joys of animation! Yes I know what the url looks like, but it isn't THAT. Jeez.
Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[16:43] <Squatdog---> i put my dick on my friends shoulder once, and left it there til she realised
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