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806: Or just never buy them
Or just never buy them

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
HEY APPLETINOS. I'm not actually sure what you call yourselves. Insteaaaad of a super duper long rant where I prove myself right AS USUAL, here's some quick terms for you to google, or things you can compare with the eyes in your head in preparation for the shorter rant below:
  • ipod battery class action
  • ipod nano class action
  • macbook overheating
  • magsafe fire
  • macbook class action
  • ipod shuffle 2nd gen vs 3rd gen
  • Note that they actually settled in all the class actions raised against them, because they were in the wrong and were hoping to get away with it until the pesky customers decided to sue their asses. In regards to the last bullet point, they actually REMOVED ALL BUTTONS and yet CHARGE YOU MORE? Seriously, how much can this thing cost to manufacture? Apple must seriously be making a 99% profit margin on these things and PEOPLE STILL BUY IT? For $10 more, you could buy this baby with double the storage, touchscreen, FM radio, eBook reader, video playback and format support up the wazoo. Hell, for the same price you could buy this which is pretty much the same as before only the touchscreen is a little bit worse. BUT IT STILL HAS A GODDAMN SCREEN. This is exacerbated by the fact that with the exchange rate an iPod shuffle is expected to be sold locally for $149. For $149, I'm expecting some FRIGGIN BUTTONS. What's that? "Oh but hey, iPods are just one thing, they also sell laptops" you say? Laptops which run hotter than any laptop reasonably should? To such an extent that Apple themselves advise you not to use their laptops on your lap?! "Oh well, those are old articles. Apple probably fixed that ages ago" I hear you saying. Except for that dude last week who almost burned alive. But hey, small things. It's not like they've known about it for 3 years or anything. I'm just waiting for the first person to actually be murdered by Apple's blase industrial design and the smarmy Justin Long ad that follows which downplays how being on fire after your iMac explodes into a gigantic fireball for no reason is bad. ANYHOO, here's some bizarre linkage for you: Dinosaurs fucking robots dot com Rule 34, all over your face. NSFWND. Not Safe For Work, No Duh
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