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812: Did you SEE how RAD their fetus was!?
Did you SEE how RAD their fetus was!?

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Okay I couldn't resist. Making fun of Thumb Bricklay is just too good to miss out on when making any sort of reference to unborn babies and being a horrible human being. Also comic took longer than expected because it turns out it's kinda hard to try and draw an ultrasound, which is why all those doctors switched to using machinery. Sheer laziness. Scrapped was some throwaway dialogue in the first panel about also doing internal organ piercing, to be a rebel, on the inside since the main focus here is generating shame in scene girls at how lame their fetuses are compared to these awesome ones with nose piercings. When they grow a nose. ANNNYWAY, bizarre linkage: They fight crime! Inspiraiton to millions of B-movies across my pants the globe
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[22:58] <Buttersquatch> i donated $5 to wikipedia 2 years ago, in december, and they sent me a christmas card
[22:58] <Buttersquatch> which would have cost them like $2~
[22:58] <Buttersquatch> and last year i donated them $20 and they sent me fucking nothing
[22:58] <Buttersquatch> >:(
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