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829: Insert maxipad joke at your convenience
Insert maxipad joke at your convenience

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
WHAT WHAT CHICKEN BUTT. Yes, the original iPad Nano joke has already been made (bastard internet comedians, all thinking alike!), so here's a comic about a man with gigantic hands causing genital discomfort to women for a living. Or something. He probably uses little tools anyway, I don't believe gynecologists and proctologists actually attempt to shove their hands inside you and use you like a puppet (OR DO THEY!??!????), but his enormous digits must cause him to lose some manual dexterity, so it would be like trying to use a baseball bat to pick your teeth. HA HA I AM TOTALLY OVERTHINKING THIS COMIC ABOUT STUPID APPLE PRODUCTS. Seriously though, it does everything your iPhone does, only not really and it's four times as bi--GODDAMNIT, INTERNET COMEDIANS. That's it, enjoy your bizarre linkage, in your FACE. INTERNET. A whole bunch of movies where they say their own titles. Finally.
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IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[19:45] <@Goonigoogoo> I like my blu ray like I like my women
[19:45] <Fhajad> On top?
[19:45] <@WoodyTentpants> covered in blu light, and spinning at 15000 rpm?
[19:45] <@Goonigoogoo> cheap
[19:45] <Fhajad> 15000rpm wut
[19:45] <@WoodyTentpants> :P
[19:46] <Farnsworth> You'll like Squat's mom then.
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