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834: The inevitable conclusion
The inevitable conclusion

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
Double Update!
See the first strip
See the second strip

It's true, I have started playing another Ace Attorney game despite all warnings from my brain recalling how much of a time sink the other 4 were. But it's just SO AWESOME. And you get to PLAY AS MILES EDGEWORTH THIS TIME. HE'S SO DREAMY. Annnnnyway, I did the first strip and decided it wasn't quite enough, which is why you've now got a double update. I couldn't be bothered doing the alternate ending on the second strip with accompanying *schlick* sound effect, but you dirty perverts can imagine that yourselves. OKAY, bizarre linkage time. The facebook crew saw this already but I just had to share again, LAZER TITS. DOT COM. It's exactly what the domain name describes. If you're already one of the Facebookers, and saw this already, how about some Chatroulette piano improv?

Bigger Than Cheeses

IRC log humour at #btc. (For IRC, we recommend mIRC)
[15:05] <@Squatdog> whoa awesome. i can actually use the toilet in wow any time i like now
[15:05] <Sammy|madtracker> was awesome
[15:05] <Goonigootoo> just like in real life!
[15:05] <Goonigootoo> WOW
[15:05] * @Squatdog takes like 10 shits
[15:05] <Goonigootoo> if you take too many shits your character dies
[15:05] <@Squatdog> D:
[15:06] <Goonigootoo> you gotta eat more fibre
[15:06] <Sammy|madtracker> oh
[15:06] <Sammy|madtracker> or develops hemorrhoids
[15:06] <Skudzy> lol
[15:06] <@Squatdog> "haemorrhoids debuff"
[15:06] <@Squatdog> "can no longer sit down to eat or drink"
[15:06] <Skudzy> yeah if you get the hemmoroids debuff, you run slower
[15:06] <@Squatdog> "can no longer ride a mount"
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