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843: Also Mercedes says AW HELL NAW
Also Mercedes says AW HELL NAW

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So long, and thanks for all the fish
So I've apparently given up on this whole 'colouring in' thing while I'm being chronically short on time. It's working well so far, along with not sleeping and also injecting adrenaline directly into my heart, Pulp Fiction style. YEEEEEAAAAHHHHHHHHHH. If you're not down with Glee then you're a terrible human being and should be ashamed of yourself. Besides a habit of overdosing on autotune at times (warning: link may contain terminal amounts of gay) the actor playing Finn can probably sing pretty well if he weren't being constantly tweaked to sound like Kanye in a robot factory. While we eventually learn the Asian dancer dude's name is Mike Chang, I've pretty much never heard black guy's name in the show (apparently it's Matt Rutherford?! Thanks, IMDB) and doubt either of them will be getting solos any time soon. Besides this, Rachel apparently has two main plot devices, hooking with some random person (this goes for all cast members, actually) or being a big pain in the ass. In a pinch they may combine the two. It may sound like I hate Rachel but I love her to bits because she can sing like an angel and also has an ass that just won't quit. You heard me. Anyway, bizarre linkage: If your Dad doesn't have a beard, you've got two Mums....perhaps awesome linkage in this case. Also, special teaser image for this year's Supanova book. Also also: if your name is Luke (OR Louc!) then you're getting punched in the dick. I'm sorry, I don't make the rules, I just enforce them. On your dick.
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[23:54] <@Squatdog> goddamn
[23:54] <@Squatdog> i have now officially masturbated too much.
[23:54] <@Squatdog> my dick is like, bleeding
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